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Steppingstone Park Maternity Photos

Steppingstone Park in Great Neck, Long Island is a stunning backdrop for maternity photos for expecting moms.  The neighborhood park overlooks the Long Island sound and is great for families and children to come visit and play together.  The sunsets at Steppingstone park are perfect for moms and dads to take photos and capture the bumps of mommas to be.  This is a beautiful silhouette photo we captured of mom to be during a unforgettable summer sunset.  Not only is the park a beautiful location for sunset maternity photos, but also sunrise and daytime photos.  The park also has a fun area for children to play around and hide so moms and local Great Neck residents can start their children's memories with a sentimental and unique pregnancy photos as the beginning of their new chapter.  Steppingstone Park is also referred to as Steppingstone Lane and some its amenities include, Boat Launching Ramp, Sailing School, Children's Playground, Children's Playroom, indoor Playscape, Picnic Table, Wading Pool, Summer Camp for 3 year old and over and more.  In July and August there are free concerts in the park.  Lots of families and children come to enjoy the park and beautiful views of the long Island Sound.  To enter the park you need to be a resident of Great Neck and carry an id to enter.  Steppingstone park is a wonderful after work and after school place to come to enjoy time with friends and family.  Expecting moms come here to take photos and later bring their newborns for the fresh air and to take them to play and use the swings.   

Great Neck is an amazing area to raise families which is why so many families move into the area shortly after getting married.  The Park is located in the Kings Point area of Great Neck.

Location: King's Point, NY.