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I love being a ny maternity photographer and capturing the beauty of an expecting mom, whether its her first child or 3rd its such a beautiful time.  As beautiful as I find pregnant women, I didn't see myself in that same light.  I couldnt wait to have my baby girls and didnt enjoy pregnancy.  It made me happy knowing I was the reason and helping grow this baby that was growing inside me but didnt enjoy all those annoying symptoms of pregnancy.  My first pregnancy I had most of common symptoms and ones many rather avoid like, constipation, bleeding gums, itchy skin, skin breakouts.  What makes me an amazing maternity photographer and able to take unforgettable photos is being able to capture the beauty of the bump and all that woman endure and go through to have their precious babies.  Words can't describe how the creation of life and pregnancy changes our lives forever.  I love to create beautiful images of baby bumps so moms to be can forever look back on that time on that precious time when it all began.  I was born and raised in NY, and have had my own 2 baby girls here.  

NY Maternity Session Locations

I offer my moms to be ny maternity photo sessions outdoors or indoors in the louxry of their own home making it very intimate and personal.  When I do photo sessions outdoor I really like to capture more wide angle photos including all the beauty of expecting mother and the location whether daytime or at sunset.  I like to make her and her baby bump stand out in the new york scene.  When capturing baby bump indoors I love getting more close ups as well as nude baby bumps photos to show off the beauty of her belly and gods little creation growing. as you can tell from this maternity session and baby bump photo.  For this maternity photo, I had the ny mom go topless and asked her to stand by the window of her expecting daughters bedroom and stand by the window where there was beautiful natural light shining in.  I set my canon camera settings to expose for her baby bump to create this stunning silhouette picture of her perfect little belly.  This time can never be repeated again.