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Maternity Photography in NYC

Maternity photography is very popular in nyc.  Some women prepare buy purchased special maternity gowns off of etsy as well as other places while others buy something more simple to wear.  What is all about anyway?  To me women that are expecting are absolutely beautiful and what they and their bodies go through to have children.  While pregnancy was not easy for me and i had all those annoying symptoms I absolutely love womens bumps.  I love capturing this time, perhaps its more about my excitement for them when they actually give birth to their babies and how life will change and will change along with it.  Pregnancy and my 2 beautiful girls changed me in words I cant describe, they are my everything.  They make me smile even when im exhausted and all I want is just 5 more minutes to sleep.  

There is something about being a maternity photographer and being part of this new beginning that makes me so happy. i ask my mothers to be to look at their bellies and talk to them, talk to their babies, tell them what they are most excited for, what are they most scared of, how they think your personality will be.  Its all the unexpected that makes it so exhilarating.

This maternity photo session in NYC was captured on the beach at sunset during the summer.  And what a perfect sunset it was, couldn't have dreamed of a better photo and location

There are so many locations one can do a maternity shoot in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten island, Long Island or any of the NYC metropolitan area.  Where is your dream location?  Is it on the beach?  In a park At home?  On the city streets?