Best NY boudoir photographer
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Best NY boudoir photographer

It takes special skill to make a woman feel comfortable and take beautiful, sensual and sexy boudoir photos in NY.  Getting undressed and taking photos in front of the camera can be intimidating for many women and they feel very shy and closed off.  It's extremely important to make a woman feel comfortable in order to get the job done.  Boudoir photography is an art to bring out the beauty of a woman from within and she doesn't awkward doing so and can just be herself and bring out that sensuality and sex appeal.  It's truly important to connect with your subject to make the boudoir photo session a success.  Prior to any boudoir photography session whether it's an NY hotel or their home, I like to talk to them first to break the ice, and sometimes a little bubbly of champagne for them helps too!!!  I really get to know my boudoir clients and what they love about themselves and their bodies and maybe aren't as in love with their bodies and then also what their significant other, whether boyfriend, fiance, partner, or husband love about their bodies in preparation for the the boudoir photo session we will shortly be beginning.  

Location: NY, NY.