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Best Central Park Wedding Photos: Starlight Studioz

Selecting an area to take your bride and groom photos in Central Park is not an easy task. Why you ask? Because they are so many beautiful and different options.

The Conservatory Gardens in Central Park is a 6 acre garden. The garden consists of 3 smaller gardens a dream location for wedding day photos. The 3 gardens have unique styles, Italian, French and English. The bride and groom came all the way from Boston to have their wedding New York City. Our bride Michelle dreamt about being a princess bride all her life and that she was. She couldn't have picked a better location in New York City to take her wedding photos to remember this unforgettable day. Michelle and Roman exchanged their vows dessert before dinner as I will always call our couple. They wrote us an amazing review for being their central park wedding photographer.

Central Park is so big that I find myself always finding new areas to take wedding photos, engagement pictures, family & maternity photo sessions. Many out of towners come to New York City to elope and have their wedding ceremonies in Central Park. Weddings in the Conservancy Gardens are planned through the Central Park Conservancy.

This couples wedding, Michelle & Roman was captured in the Central Park Conservancy Gardens, you might have also seen it in TheKnot Magazine, as it was one of photos for theknot Best of Weddings 2016. We have been selected for several years in the photography & videography for Best of Weddings in NY & Long Island.

Why Central Park Is The Best Place To Have Your Wedding

You’ve finally found your other half, but here comes another difficult decision – where are you going to say your vows? Central Park is an ideal location to consider for your special day. Whether you are looking for a place to hold your wedding ceremony, simply elope, or just to renew your vows – Central Park offers many unique spots over 800 acres of greenery. Each spot is equally stunning as it is picturesque, ranging in size and area.

Why Central Park?

Whether you want to hold your ceremony in a more intimate setting hoping to invite fewer guests, or you prefer a larger gathering of friends and family, Central Park offers a wide range of different settings that will meet your needs. Settings range from those with more of a traditional/Victorian quality, to more peaceful and calm atmospheres, or even a more over-the-top romantic setting you would find in a fairytale – in a place such as Belvedere Castle.

What Are The Different Spots?

Each spot varies in size and has its very own set of guidelines and specific guest limit. The maximum number of guests permitted in Central Park is 300. Choosing the spot to hold your ceremony will involve consideration of many factors, such as desired level of privacy, the view, and accessibility for the elderly or disabled. Some of the many spots Central Park has to offer are:

The Conservancy Garden, The Pond, Ladies Pavilion, Cherry Hill, Cop Cot, Wagner Cove, Belvedere Castle, Shakespeare Garden, Summit Rock, Bow Bridge, Turtle Pond, Gapstow Bridge, Bethesda Fountain.

Have Everything Taken Care of For You

After taking care of the legal stuff – wedding permit, marriage license, booking a wedding at Central Park – vendors are next on the to-do list. Depending on which spot you decide to hold your ceremony, there will be different options for vendors involving some of the best wedding professionals that New York City has to offer. These professionals will take care of everything for you. From the planning and coordination of every detail –your floral arrangements to the musicians that will play at your ceremony, it will be guaranteed that the whole process will be stress-free.

Various all-inclusive packages are available from services enlisted to plan ceremonies In Central Park. You can expect a wedding planner and a Central Park wedding photographer that will provide you with the most beautiful wedding photographs with the most stunning backdrops the park has to offer.

The Central Park Conservancy coordinates the ceremonies held in Conservatory Garden. The NYC Department of Parks and Recreations takes care of the planning for ceremonies in the other Central Park locations.

Choosing to have a Central Park wedding will give you an incredibly magical experience as well as stunning wedding photos to have to look back on forever. With the many services that are offered, it will inevitably be an enjoyable occasion for you and your new spouse. There will also be many breathtaking Central Park wedding photos to remember your special day by Starlight Studioz.

Some unique pictures can be taken if you decide to take a carriage ride through the park...The main starting point of this is on 5th avenue by the Plaza a landmark NY hotel.

Location: New York City, NY.